Chalkdust by: Bruce Alderfer



Jake Phillips is a new teacher, who is optimistic and full of ideas. All of his life, he's been very driven and motivated, but found that energy was going to waste after college. He believes he found his calling in teaching. Sadly, to the students in room 206, he's just another target.


Grant is a space cadet of the highest caliber. He only pays attention when something interests him, and spends the rest of the day doodling. Jake takes a special interest in him, because Grant is very smart but lacks motivation.


Molly is aggressive... about everything. Whether it's schoolwork, homework or yardwork, she feels she has to be the best at whatever she does. Just one piece of advice: Don't tell her she can't do something.


Lightbulb is an inventive genius. In fact, there are rumors he was kicked out of his old school for building a nuclear reactor in the cafeteria. He comes to Jake's class with willingness to learn, as long as he can do it without interruption from the teacher.

Penelope spends more time trying to talk her way into success than actual hard work. It doesn't hurt that her mom is the Principal, who will always back up her daughter (even if they're both wrong).


Zip is going to be a star one day. If you don't believe that, just ask him! Convinced he will spend his life surrounded by adoring fans, Zip is just waiting for his chance to be in the spotlight.

Kevin is not what you'd call the sharpest knife in the drawer. However, he's the hardest worker in the class, and could suprise everyone some day.


Principal Carouthers prides herself on running a tight ship. She's had to sit by and watch as teacher after teacher left after dealing with classroom 206. She gave Jake the job because he was the only one foolish enough to take it.

Steve has been Jake's closest friend since their early days in college. While his friends got older, wiser and more mature, Steve continues his quest to answer the most important question of all: What's up this weekend?


Michelle has spent her entire life being wiser than her years. That being said, no one can quite explain why she hangs out with Jake and Steve, other than the fact that they are two people in serious need of guidance.




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